On The International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) Paris

On The International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) Paris

FIAC is an annual event that brings together some of the most recognized art galleries around the world for a full three-day fair that is anything but dull. Even at times when I asked myself what crap I was looking at, the initial shock coupled with a confused grin was enough to get me thinking about the current state of the contemporary art world. Three works stood out for me:

1. Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Balloons are enthralling in its simplicity. There is something about the reflective balloon hanging on the ceiling that is quite nostalgic.

2. Pieter Schoolwerth’s Waiting Room series is admirable more for his use of print and paint on the canvas. The pixelation contrasts well with the controlled brush strokes giving the collage-like piece an obscure sense of neatness.

3. Makot Saito’s Deep Learning is strangely satisfying to stare at. The incredible technique reminiscent of pointillism with layers that create a linen texture captures the senses with a degree of amusement.

Other noteworthy art works include Anish Kapoor’s iconic circles, Adam Mcewen’s impressive prints on cellulose sponge, Kyungah Ham’s mesmerizing embroideries, Jaume Plensa’s monumental text-filled sculptures, David Shrigley’s humorous drawings, and Antony Gormley’s stainless steel sculptures.